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The voice at the end of the phrase turned into a screech. He clenched his fists, restrained himself and repeated:

- What to talk about? Do you want to ask any questions?

- Of course!

- Well, then ask.

Where did you get the money and who knew about it?

One person gave me money. Very big. There was an assistant on his side, and on mine too. I brought the money here in the "diplomat". "Diplomat" put in the safe. I and the accountant have the keys to the safe.

- I don’t understand, what do you have, a metal box? Or a safe with a code? Popov grimaced.

Well, not really a box. Good safe with a good lock.

- It's clear. Who is your accountant?

- Wife's sister. An ordinary woman, we are friends with families, that is, now families. She only got married three years ago. The man is an ordinary worker. I don't even want to think about it. In addition, she did not know how much money there was.



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